Selasa, 9 Ogos 2011

twinscraftlife's 2nd lucky draw

Terms and Conditions:
1. the LUCKY DRAW is open to all follow bloggers (means must have blog and follow)
2. the Lucky Draw Starts on 1 August ~ and ends  on 14 August 2011.

1. Follow twinscraftlife.
2. Put an entry regarding "twinscraftlife's 2nd lucky draw" ♥ and put it as title.
3. Put the Banner above and link it with our blog. (click and save)
4. please leave your details including your blog that you have posted our "Twinscraftlife's 2nd Lucky Draw"

5. Tag min 2 other bloggers and let them know about the lucky draw and twinscraftlife.
tag : Nadia
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abazilah berkata...

jom join GA saya

A y e s h a Ramlee berkata...

@abazilah jap tau

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